Torus: The Prototype

It might seem strange that the first technology I am highlighting is not something many would consider a technology, exactly. It isn't even human-made or even a physical thing that you can touch or see. However, I find it really fascinating and think that it can be very useful for the world. Probably now more than ever. Knowledge of it can aid in the advancement of human technology.

The thing (or concept) I am pertaining to is a Torus. A Torus can be easiest described as a "doughnut" shape. What is important to understand is what the concept of this shape represents. I came across the concept of a Torus from a video I watched in one of my classes. The video talked about how Torus occurs naturally in nature. It can be observed in atoms, on the earth's magnetic field, in the universe, and many other things (or maybe even everything) in between . What is amazing is that this shape serves as an excellent prototype for sustainability. It is said that "a torus is the only energy pattern or dynamic that can sustain itself and is made out of the same substance as its surroundings." When it takes from its environment, it gives back. It is made up of its environment, and the environment is made up of it.

I consider a Torus as nature's technological "invention." Nature seems to know many things that we don't. This is why we see a lot of experiments and studies conducted to mimic certain features found in nature or in living creatures - such as studying flight from birds and insects. It makes me wonder why the Torus pattern is not implemented in technology more since it is something that can be observed universally throughout nature. It is so ubiquitous in the natural world that people should not just shrug it off and ignore it. Perhaps nature is trying to tell us something. The knowledge of the Torus is already being implemented in some technology such as in the development of fan and propeller technology.

Unlocking the power of the Torus can have incredible implications for technology and mankind as a whole. It could potentially solve some of the energy crisis we face in the present. It may even teach us a thing or too about caring for the earth. People cannot keep on excessively taking resources and polluting the earth and not expect anything drastic to haunt as back later on.

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Source: Thrive website

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