Tech I Own

Favorite Technology that I Own:

Laptop (Toshiba Satellite Laptop)

The value of computers as a technology probably needs no introduction. You can do so many things with it. Programmers are able to program applications that make use of the computing power of computers. The internet-capabilities of computers expand its functions even more. Computers are something I depend on regularly. From using it to email other people to editing photographs, I think computers have become essential. When compared to desktop computers, laptops have the advantage of being portable. They also have batteries that allow them to continue to work for several hours without needing to be plugged.

Gaming and Computer Eyewear (Gunnars PPK)

I use the computer often. After long hours staring at the screen, it is only natural that my eyes start to get sore and tired. That is why I decided to get this eyewear. It is meant to reduce eye strain and dryness caused by long sessions of using the computer or playing video games. It was also designed to reduce glare from the screen and increase the clarity and contrast of what you are viewing on the screen. The glasses themselves have a yellowish tint that I assume is what gives the eyewear some of its functions. After a while, though, you will not notice the tint. When I first used the eyewear, I noticed results immediately. My eyes were less tired and everything on the screen was much clearer. I find myself wearing them whenever I use the computer at home. I think this technology is especially useful in this digital age where more time is being spent in front of the screen, either on a television, a computer or a mobile device.

Smartphone (HTC Inspire 4G a.k.a. HTC Desire HD)
It was only a few years ago that smartphones became popular, but they have already come a long way. They have become very capable devices, with fast processors and hundreds of thousands of apps. I had already treated cellphones as a necessary technology even from a long time before. However, the added functions that smartphones have over cellphones in the past solidify their necessity even more. The extra functions are certainly welcomed additions. My favorite aspect of smartphones is that it can connect to the internet even on-the-go. I can search the internet, email people, and visit websites anywhere there is a data connection. It definitely makes access to the internet very quick and convenient.

Game Console (PlayStation 3)
There is something comforting about owning a device that is packed with hardware capabilities. The PS3 has powerful computing and graphical capabilities. It has internet access and can also be used as a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray player. It is primarily a game console so it is with games that this device really shines. It can also be used to listen to music or watch movies.  I consider the television to be the center of home entertainment, and I think the PS3 belongs there with it.

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