Other Tech Sites

Other Tech Sites to Check Out:

Ars Technica is a technology website. The “about” section sums the site up well: “The site offers a mix of breaking news, in-depth trend analysis and practical how-to’s for the user who not only needs to keep up with technology for his professional life, but is passionate about it in his personal life.” It is both professional and insightful.

The BBC News website has a technology page that displays articles in relation to technology. The topics featured on the webpage are generally less niche than the other sites in this list. As a news site, the articles are typically presented in the form of a report.

DigInfo TV is a video news website that features “cutting edge technology, research and products from Japan.” (http://www.diginfo.tv/aboutus.htm) Often times, the videos published on the site are accompanied by written post entries as well. There are some really interesting, sometimes quirky, technologies featured in the site.

Engadget (www.engadget.com)

MAKE (www.makezine.com)

Popular Science is a science and technology news website. Its articles are arranged in a blog-style layout with the latest published entry near the top.  Many of the posts on the site feature futuristic technologies or creations, offering a glimpse of what the future may seem like. In that way, it lives up to its slogan “The Future Now.”

Wired is a website about technology, business, innovation, and science. It offers a broader range of topics than the other websites on this list.

The Verge (www.theverge.com)

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